Beelieve is the I Can Be inspirational symbol. He made his first book reading appearance at Flora's Large Family Child Care and hopes to visit many reading centers, children's hospitals, and classrooms in the near future. His next stop will be at Reid's Learning Center in Miami.

Why a bumble bee? What started out to be a cute mascot turned out to be such a powerful and inspirational symbol.


The aerodynamic theory of 1918-19 stated that bumble bees shouldn't fly based on the fact that their small wings and heavy body should not be able to generate adequate lift. Since then scientists have discovered the bumble bee's ability to generate lift can be created via different airflow.

University of Oxford. (2009, May 10). Flight Of The Bumble Bee Is Based More On Brute Force Than Aerodynamic Efficiency. ScienceDaily.


Retrieved May 30, 2016 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090507194511.htm

Whether myth or fact....What better symbol than the humble bumble bee to remind our youth that "I CAN BE".


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