In I am a Doctor we learned the importance of doctors and their roles. Timothy and the other patients all know what that’s about! Each one of them visit a different type of doctor and take a journey to learn what kinds of things their doctor does while you learn how you can be a doctor too!

The journey of each doctor begins with Timothy, who visits his Neurologist. This doctor performs special tasks on Timothy to make sure his brain and spine are perfect. It’s not long before Daniel goes to see his Urologist. Daniel learns that being able to urinate is necessary to staying well.

Monique sees her Hematologist to check on her blood…(yikes!) She talks to her doctor very closely so she can learn how red blood cells make her body healthy and keep her charged so she can stay active. Mr. Bowman takes a different trip by visiting his Nephrologist, who shows him how to keep his kidneys intact. Stephanie has no idea how to control her breathing until she sees the Pulmonologist and Mrs. Evans learns that the muscles in her back can become stronger once she meets the Physical Therapist

"I am a Doctor Too"